Publisert av: thimmis | januar 25, 2009


HUIN105 uses Facebook as a way to reach the students.
I think its a good idea to use Facebook as an addition to the ususal way of students communicating.

I am one of few who doesn’t use Facebook at all. And as a student studying Information science some might find it odd that I have no profile at Facebook.
The reason for my skepticism against Facebook is because i doubt the safety of the information that is stored there. I have often read about how easy it is to access others useraccounts. And as Facebook evolves, more and more intricate data might be stored about people. Thats why i took a stand and said that I wouldn’t use Facebook anymore(Yes, i had an account once…), although I miss it sometimes.
That is also why I think that Facebook should only be used as an addition to the usual form of communication, and not as a primary or single solution.




  1. Nice blog man! Keep up the good work!

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